Power of Attraction

The MetaPhysical Secret

Capture 5 enemies in a single use of Zarya’s Graviton Surge in Quick or Competitive Play. Some people begin to see things happen immediately, while others take a little more time. The key here is patience and persistence. As soon as doubt or fear start to creep back in, return to Step 2 and address it. If you have lost touch with your clear intention, revert to Step 1. If your belief in the Law of Attraction lags, go back to Step 3. If all else fails, repeat Step 4 every day until it becomes a reality!

Luckily, 6-7 months later I have found my dream job, or, it would be better if I say, that the job has found me (the Universe gave me a better job). It’s not something that I would trade my life for, but now I get more money then before, have more free time to spend with my family, and I am much happier. So, this thing really works, it worked for me many times, and I can prove it from my personal experience.

I have discovered that if I simply state an intention and visualize it and forget about it, it doesn’t come to me. If I visualize it and give it real emotions and do this everyday my goals will happen. Giving your intentions emotions are giving them energy, when you create the energy you have momentum, when you have momentum you create a power, when you have the power you are listened to, when you are listened to you will achieve your is perhaps the biggest single barrier to not achieving your desires. You have to give your desires and visualizations energy and to create the energy put some emotion into it.

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Back when I was working 12 hours / day, I didn’t enjoy what I was doing for that entire 12 hours. I loved the people I was working with and had fun from time to time, but there was ALWAYS somewhere I would rather have been. At that time, things just didn’t seem to go my way. I kept having hurdles to jump over and I kept having to be places that I didn’t want to be.

Well, in my view, talking of the virtuous poor is just an excuse for a family culture where the actions and expectations of the people in that culture lead naturally to poverty: devaluing education, falling prey to alcohol and drugs, disappointing employers, having no sense of planning or self-discipline, being feckless or incompetent, never growing up emotionally and certainly never taking responsibility for what happens, and so on.

However, LoA as an idea that needs to be explored and refined through scientific inquiry — I am more in favor of than the dogma of materialism. Because I’ve had enough exposure to academia to know that there are big questions many brain scientists just simply avoid — it’s much easier to uphold a scientific theory of materialism than try to answer the hard questions about consciousness and causality, and the quantum level.

The second stage is where you happily wait and enjoy the journey. Yes, it may and usually will require action – it is the Law of AttrACTION after all! To be sure you are taking the correct action, that is in alignment with your wish, you can listen and follow your intuition. Here, you are taking inspired action steps that are calling you to bring your wishes to fruition.

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To expect nothing is to give up control over your life. You need to be the actor AND director of your story. Setting your goals is the way through which you do that. It will not always go as planned, and that is okay. What is not okay is to not have planned it in the first place. 0% expectations = 100% apathy, and an apathetic life is a life not worth living.

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